Forest House Press Release – May 2017

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New Hospice Home Currently Under Construction In Flagstaff

(For release by Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation, May 3, 2017) Flagstaff – Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH), the NAH Foundation, and Northland Hospice & Palliative Care (dba) Vista Hospice are collaborating to increase the capacity for hospice care in Flagstaff. A five-bed hospice home is currently being built on Forest Avenue and named in memory of Elaine Loven.

The Olivia White Hospice facility, managed by Vista Hospice, was opened to the public fifteen years ago. Since that time, the city of Flagstaff has grown significantly, creating an increased need for care options. As an example, the Olivia White House has been consistently at capacity for the last two years. Recognizing this need NAH, the NAH Foundation and Vista Hospice began a conversation to discuss solutions around how a partnership might benefit the community.

As a result, NAH offered to provide land and a building lease to Vista Hospice for a new home. The NAH Foundation served as the primary facilitator for a donation made by the Loven Family in honor of Elaine Loven.

“This is just one excellent example of a cross-collaborative effort to better serve the community. We are grateful to our major donors who make initiatives like the Forest House possible. We are especially grateful to the Loven Family and their philanthropic investments to the Foundation. They have been a pillar of impact for health in our community,” said Rick Smith, President/CEO of the NAH Foundation.

Flo Spyrow, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Flagstaff Medical Center also added, “This type of collaboration is unique for the hospital, but we hope to be a part of more collaborations to improve access to comprehensive, exceptional care in the future.”

The house will undergo final inspection in June and start admitting patients shortly after, exact dates are still to be determined.